Our new technology continues to receive a lot of attention and the response has been overwhelming. In response, many companies reached out to us to work with them to overcome their application issues. This was proof that there was a great need for a novel suction cup solution – so the business idea of ClingTechBionics was born.

Suction cups:
Pool suction cups
Tagging marine animals
• Household & Sanitary
• Garden & Ponds
• Outdoor & Boating

Vacuum suction cups:
Industrial processing & robotics

We have collaboration partners and customers from a variety of different industries. If you have an issue with attachment to rough and/or structure and/or bend surfaces, talk to us! We can test our technology for your application and develop a solution together.

Pool suction cups

Our pool suction cups are passive suction cups with Clingfish®-Effect specially designed for the requirements to attachment sports devices in swimming pools. For an overview of applicable types of pool surfaces click here Type of pool surface_17042023

Our pilot customer and business partner AquaBlast in the USA, sells underwater punching bags that are attached to the bottom of the pool with our suction cup. Our pool suction cups can be used to attach stretch cords, lights, temporary handles, and other items on most pool floors and walls.

Technical data pool suction cups

  • Diameter: 82 mm
  • Normal forces: > 250 N
  • Sheer forces: up to 95 N

More information and order of the suction cup tether system (in the USA):

Suction cups for tagging marine animals

Suction cups can replace more invasive attachment devices to tag marine animals for scientific purposes. Our tagging suction cups are passive suction cups with Clingfish-Effect® specially designed for the requirements for tagging marine mammals such as whales and sea turtles. These suction cups have a large diameter to provide reliable attachment but are manufactured of a special, low density-material so that the suction cups are slightly positively buoyant. Consequently, despite their large size, the suction cups do not add additional weight to the tag system. We work with partners in Europe and the USA to continuously improve and test our tagging suction cups.

Development Partners

In Europe, cooperation with the Instituto OKEANOS (Azores, Portugal) has been started to further develop the suction cups for marking whales and sea turtles. In the USA we work with Wildlife Computers Inc. and Wild Orca to develop our suction cups for applications on whales.

Taken under NMFS permit #26288.

Vacuum suction cups for industrial processing & robotics

Some items with irregular surfaces can be challenging to grip with normal vacuum grippers. Our active suction cups allow attachment to a huge variety of surfaces ranging from many fruits, over double structured surfaces to raw wood.

For and with our industrial partners and clients we develop solutions for specific applications.

Prototypes have been tested in an industrial multi-cycle set-up. The most promising prototype was still functional after > 1 Mio attachment-detachment-cycles