The suction cups for structured and uneven surfaces

Suction Cups That Hold Tight When Things Get Rough

Many attachment solutions, such as adhesives, screws, and nails may provide a good permanent attachment solution, however, they may damage the surface, thus making them impractical, when a temporary attachment is desired. On the other hand, suction cups allow reversible attachment, but they require a clean, smooth surface. Our high-tech (or state-of-the-art) clingfish-Effect® suction cups provide attachment solutions for our customers that previously did not exist. The numbers of commercial and industrial applications for this patented technology are numerous.

New Applications Are Possible Now – for passive and active suction cups!

Inspiration from the Sea

Our biologically-inspired suction cups are modeled after the Northern Clingfish, a small fish of the Pacific NorthWest. The clingfish lives in the harsh environment of the marine intertidal and can withstand the forces of crushing waves by attaching itself to the intertidal rocks using its suction cup.